Soul Eater (2008-2009)


A anime that further cemented my love for the japanese animated series. Adaptated from the manga (actually born after the sucess of three one-shot mangas) of the same name made by Atsushi Ōkubo, “Soul Eater” stands out for being a two-sided supernatural shounen type of story. In another words, the story isn’t as predictable as you could think

The plot concerns three meisters and their weapons attending the Death Weapon Meister Academy in the fictional city of Death City located in Nevada, USA:

Maka Albarn, dedicated, helpful and decided to surpass her father and her weapon, Soul Eater Evans, the cool and laid-back guy with the talent of playing piano

Black☆Star, loud and utterly confident of himself with the puropse to surpass God and his weapon, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, the opposite of her meister: quiet, friendly and easygoing

Death The Kid, son of the director of the academy, Shinigami, a professional meister (eventhough that, he still attends the academy anyway to create a custom weapon to suit his desires) with a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder for symmetry and his weapons, twins Patty & Liz Thompson, the first of them being childish and cheerful in any situation, while the last one is cynical and, at times, cowardly

At first, the main plot sees the main characters trying to collect 99 evil humans and one witch’s souls. This until a few episodes later when Maka and Soul fight against Medusa, with Crona (a person that, to this day, still has an ambigous gender. It’s not known if it’s a he or a she) as a intermediary link (something that will later be dispatched as Crona will somehow join the Meister Academy to correct his/her personality), which will set the true focus: the fight against the Arcanophobia organization. Therefore, the main characters will be aided by the staff of the academy, plus other secondary chartacters coming from the Academy (students) or from other places (professional meisters throughout the world)

Why I say this series further cemented my love for the japanese animation? I was in love with the japanese animation before, but not in a way that “Soul Eater” made me love it even more. Original and thoughtful story plot with a exciting display of animation, especially in some of the fight + a brilliant set of characters and situations and a unforgettable first opening song, “Resonance”, by T.M.Revolution

Also a very nice voice casting, from which I’d highlight Kōki Uchiyama for his correct voice portrayal of Soul Eater, Chiaki Omigawa (in her debut role) making a unforgettable character out of Maka, Yumiko Kobayashi giving a touch of funnyness for atypical ninja Black☆Star and Mamoru Miyano at his greatest on making Death the Kid one of the best characters in the series

For its complexity, vivacity and its fast pace, “Soul Eater” is definitively an anime I’d totally recommend, especially for the ones who want something quite original

Final say – the three endings of the anime adaptation:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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