ESC 2012: My opinion about the 2nd Semi-Final


Today’s show was great too with some great performances and a few more suprises, at the same time that the postcards still look as great as ever. As I watched this semifinal via RTP 1 in HD, I couldn’t see the interval act (as usual, they make a commercial break during it), so I can’t say much about it, except that it had the latest 5 winning ESC acts in it

As always, there’s flaws: altough I see the presenters being a bit less awkwards, they still are too rehearsed and a bit stiff at times. Leyla, though, is as shinny as ever. A few performances weren’t the best, like The Netherlands (quite nervous at times) or Slovakia (really out of tune)

From my predicition, I got 8 out of 10, only missing Macedonia and Malta. On my personal taste, I thought Portugal, Slovenia and Croatia sadly were underrated. Overjoyed that Lithuania and Macedonia (despite the fact I didn’t have it on my predictions) did it and I was really suprised about Malta’s qualification – I thought he was the only one out of contention, despite his good vocal performance (maybe it was that little feet choreography that made him qualify as well?)

In total of the two semis, I predicted 17 of the 20 qualifiers right: missing only Hungary, Macedonia and Malta from my list

Recent news – the running order done at the press conference shortly after the semi-final, by the order in which the qualified entries were announced in the semi:

04: Lithuania
05: Bosnia & Herzegovina
24: Serbia
25: Ukraine
17: Sweden
22: Macedonia
12: Norway
11: Estonia
21: Malta
18: Turkey

The full running order of the final:

01: United Kingdom
02: Hungary
03: Albania
04: Lithuania
05: Bosnia & Herzegovina
06: Russia
07: Iceland
08: Cyprus
09: France
10: Italy
11: Estonia
12: Norway
13: Azerbaijan
14: Romania
15: Denmark
16: Greece
17: Sweden
18: Turkey
19: Spain
20: Germany
21: Malta
22: Macedonia
23: Ireland
24: Serbia
25: Ukraine
26: Moldova

A final treat – the results announcement of the 2nd semi:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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