Cocktail – Aquele fim de verão (1978)


Doce might have been officially considered as the first girl band made in Portugal, but that designation belongs to a trio of female singers that became Cocktail in the second half of the 70’s

The initial formation that lasted until the end of that decade consisted of:

– Fernanda de Sousa, who had started releasing a few singles on her own prior to her commitement with the group. A sucess in that decade for herself was the portuguese version of the german language original song for the japanese anime series “Maya, the bee”, together with Tozé Brito. Another try to launch herself as a solo singer was the Portuguese ESC NF 1982 (Festival RTP da Canção 1982) with “Vai, mas vem”, without much sucess. It’s only after the end of Cocktail (mid 80’s) and her short appearance as a member of Doce (from 1986 to 1987, when the band finally disbanded) that she would finally focus on her solo carrer, naming herself Ágata. Her big sucess, though, came in the 90’s and on a different register from previous works: the “portuguese schlager” (“pimba”) one. Hits like “Perfume de mulher”, “Comunhão de bens” or her OTI 1997 entry, “Abandonada” made her famous and at one time, she was crowned “the queen of the portuguese schlager”. Her latest album was made in 2011, called “Ainda te amo”

Rita Ribeiro, daughter of famous actor Curado Ribeiro, was already a theatre actress after being in the portuguese version of the famous play “Godspell” and already had music experience by being a member of the group Green Windows when she was invited to be in the group. By the end of the decade, though, she left the group to continud her acting carrer (on both cinema, television and theatre), something that made her totally famous throughout the 80’s to nowadays. A curiosity: she tried to go to ESC in 1984 with the sentimental portuguese-flavoured pop ballad “Notícias vêm, notícias vão”, without much sucess

Maria Viana, daughter of also famous actor José Viana, at the time quite a newcomer in the entertainment world. Today, she’s still focused on music by being mostly a jazz singer

After a few single releases, their first album simply called “Cocktail” was released (in 1978) and in it, there’s a gem I’m talking about today – the catchy ballad driven “Aquele fim de verão” (“That Summer end”):

When I hear the chorus of this song, I think immediately of Mary Hopkin‘s hit version of the russian song “Dorogoi dlinnoyu”, the famous “Those were the days” (there’s a bit of similiarity between Cocktail‘s song and Mary Hopkin‘s version song: both are nostalgic and talk about longing after something is over). Still, it’s a beautiful ballad made by Tozé Brito, typical of that time, printing a beautifully made arrangement and orchestration, blending the three singers’ voices in a sorrow mode and giving the nostalgic feeling needed to showcase the nicely made lyrics

The song had a promo clip especially made for the RTP 1 music program back in that year, “Ligeirissimo”, but sadly I couldn’t find it on Youtube. Hoping it will be retransmitted on RTP Memória someday

Final treat – a 1981 performance by Cocktail singing “Passa bem” on “Eu Show Nico!” (by that time, Rita Ribeiro was no longer a member of the group, replaced by Camélia Conde):

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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