RTP 1 and RTP 2 (19/04/1980)


nowadays, we have a big number of channels of choose from. But back in the early 80’s, we’d only have very few channels to choose from and in the case of Portugal, it was a question of only two channels. The schedule of RTP 1 and RTP 2 in question is the one from Saturday, 19th April 1980, the day the Eurovision Song Contest 1980 aired, live:

12:00Indústria regionalizada (seems like a institutional program about regional industries)

12:30Roteiro dos teatros (most probably a magazine about theatre: all the fresh news coming from this form of art, as well as the newest plays to be shown soon, etc…)

13:00As grandes orquestras (most probably a music program)

14:00Sumário (first news of the day (and most probably, summary of the schedule for the channel made by a on-vision continuity person) in 5 minutes. On weekdays, that’s when the regular programing really started in here)

14:05Novos horizontes (solidary program about people in deficient conditions that lasted for many years (it was first seen on RTP 1, but then it was shifted to RTP 2) until some time recently)

14:30Ronda (I wonder what this was. Perhaps another institutional program?)

15:00Luculos e bróculos (cooking program presented by Michel Costa, already known in the portuguese cooking circles at the time)

15:25Animação (animation program presented by Vasco Granja, a unforgettable presenter in the television medium, animation-wise. The program was as well as a mind-captivator for the children and teenagers due to its extravagant content (its biggest attribute is to show animated series and shorts coming from Eastern Europe and also the more familiar american animated shorts – mostly coming from Warner Bros). On that day, some Looney Tunes shorts featuring Bugs Bunny were transmitted)

16:00Campeonato Nacional de Futebol da 1ª Divisão (live from the extinct Estádio das Antas for a 1st Portuguese League (nowadays called Superliga, the major football league in Portugal) game of the 25th fixture between F.C. Porto and G.D. Estoril-Praia. The result in the end was 3-0) (C)

17:55Quadrados e quadradinhos (children talk-show program presented by actors Amélia Videira and Joel Branco. Produced at the Teatro Villarret in Lisbon, it was a pedagogic and intelligent program where different school classes from all over the country would be invited to participate. More about it: http://www.brincabrincando.com/programas.aspx?f=50_infantis%20e%20juvenis&p=quadrados%20e%20quadradinhos )

19:00Desenhos animados (while we wait for the news, some animated shorts would be on our way. They could be from Looney Tunes or from Hanna Barbera, etc…. but in a way, this was a very common case in the 80’s)

19:15Telejornal (main news bulletin that reverted back to its original name after adopting in 19781979 the name “Jornal RTP-1”) (C)

20:00Concurso Eurovisão da Canção 1980 (aka. Eurovision Song Contest 1980, held in The Hague, The Netherlands. Eládio Climaco was the portuguese commentator, as well as the presenter of the portuguese entry that year) (C)

22:40Todos morrem descalços (original title: “They Died with Their Boots on”. Made in 1941 by Raoul Walsh and starring, between others, Errol Flynn (of “The Adventures of Robin Hood” fame), Olivia de Havilland (of “Gone with the Wind” fame), Arthur Kennedy, Anthony Quinn (he’d become more famous by playing the title character in “Zorba the Greek”) and Hattie McDaniel (of “Gone with the Wind” fame), here’s a good old western about a fictional account of George Armstrong Custer‘s life from his arrival at West Point in 1857 to his death during the battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876. Nothing like a movie to finish a Saturday night, especially after a evening that started out with music)

00:00Fecho (it’s closedown time. A on-vision continuity person would present what’ll be the schedule for tomorrow and then would say good night to the TV-viewers + we’d hear the national hymn of Portugal: “A portuguesa”)

14:00: Ano Propedêutico (back in the those days, we had tv school as well. This segment was for the higher education aka. the highest level of education – university, etc…)

20:30Futebol mundial (documentary about the international football (soccer in USA and Japan). Back then, we were on the 2nd episode) (C)

21:30Tal & (e) qual (talk show presented by journalist Joaquim Letria, cementing his popularity further in a program where the latest events and news were the big focus, but other stuff was going on like music and interviews. This was also the first portuguese program where we’d have the “candid camera” concept, concieved by reporter Manolo Belo and his crew) (C)

00:00: Fecho (it’s closedown time. A on-vision continuity person would present what’ll be the schedule for tomorrow and then would say good night to the TV-viewers + we’d hear the national hymn of Portugal: “A portuguesa”)

(C) – means program in colour (except programs, movies and series originally made in black and white). Despite official colour transmissions on 7th March 1980, we’d have to wait for the 2nd half of the year to have the full schedule on colour

(source: Diário de Lisboa all rights reserved)

No doubts about it: I’m still marveled about the schedule of RTP back in those days. And on Saturday, the word “diverse” takes a whole different meaning: institutional programs, animated series, cooking programs, football, live shows, movies, talk shows, etc… a total variety of programmes

A final treat for you – the Eurovision Song Contest 1980

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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  1. I was born 6 days after, on the 25th.

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