Jeux sans frontières (1965-1982 and 1988-1999)


EBU is responsible for the Eurovision Song Contest and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, as well as minor and less known contests such as Eurovision Young Musicians, etc… as well as there was for two years the Eurovision Dance Contest (in the wave of “Strictly come dancing” kind of show’s sucesses throught the world)

Before that, though, there was only ESC. Until 1965, when the “Jeux sans frontières” (known in UK as “It’s a knockout”) was concieved for the first time with four countries competing (Germany, France, Italy and Belgium). It’s said the idea came from the french president at the time, Charles de Gaulle, to strengthen up the friendly relationship between Germany and France. Then it was concieved as a european version of a french program “Intervilles”, planned by Pedro Brime, Claude Savarit and Jean-Louis Marest. The show’s premise was participating in various funny games in order to complete bizarre tasks… at times, they’d wearing bizarre clothings as well

1965-1966 opening:

With the years, more countries expressed their wish of participating. And Portugal was not the exception as they were transmitting it since 1975 and only got to participate for the first time in 1979 with, well… not so good results. The first run of the show ended in 1982 due to financial issues

1981-1982 opening:

In 1988, the show was revived and had 5 countries participating: Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. And like its first run (1965-1982), due to its growing sucess and with the political changes in Europe, more countries in time were interested in participating

1991-1997 opening:

Sadly, the “Jeux sans frontières” would have yet another ambiguous exit in 1999 and since then, there ain’t plans of making a return, eventhough petitions and demands are normally made in the internet and a reboot for a 2007 comeback failed to materialize

1998-1999 opening:

As a young person, when I first saw them in the 90’s the run that I’m more familiar with -, it became one of those shows I always watched for its epicness and for also for the fun of it, as well as the opening and the end credits. It’s one of those things that I wouldn’t want it to end… it was fun to watch

It wasn’t until this 21st century that I finally watched some editions from the 1965-1982 run (both on RTP Memória and on the Internet) and I must say they were great as well, especially one of the editions I liked the most: the 8th and last round of 1979 before the big final in Cascais/Estoril (Portugal), which symbolized the first portuguese colour transmission and production for the EBU members

I just hope RTP Memória will repeat the show again, since we have a extensive archive of this show

And as a last treat, here’s a excerpt of a 1997 edition’s round, won by Portugal. 1997 was the last year Portugal won a big final with the team of Amadora (the team that won the homesoil round in Portugal– fond memories I have of the show in that year:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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