Naked (2003)


My first manga opinion is about a quite obscure one (meaning: not really commented much). Despite the title, “Naked” – made by Saya Miyauchi – ain’t a erotic “manga” (hentai, yaoi, etc…), but rather a “shoujo” (books usually targeted to school-age girls) in form of a heartfelt drama divided in three acts:

1st Act: Ayumu, the son of a female “mangaka” who self-centers herself on her carrer without fullfiling her duties of being a mother much, meets Chihiro, a street kid whose drunk father always scolds upon and the one who stole some of Ayumu‘s groceries one day. They became friends in the moment Ayumu finally confronts him face to face

2nd Act: Mitsuki is a tomboy-ish girl whose biggest struggle is trying to convience her parents of her true love for boxing and the desire to become a great boxer just like her older brother (who passed away during a boxing fight). Ayumu and Chihiro‘s role is helping her out

3rd Act: Some years later, Ayumu has his “first (and biggest) love” call: Iteya, a suffering pianist. It’s known in this act that Chihiro, after graduating in middle school, he opened a bar – we see here that their friendship is still as strong as it was when they first met

I think it’s a very underrated “manga” story: the “friendship” theme has definitively a tender meaning that could affect you in some way. A meaning that trepasses all kinds of negative situations of life, situations that somehow might work out from each other’s help. This is seen especially on the first two acts. The third act is the only not so strong point of this release, due to the fact that it’s a quite predictable type of story – and yet, it’s still heartfelt

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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