RTP 1 and RTP 2 (23/03/1979)


this time, I’ll be posting something related with my birth day and month. Therefore, I’ll be posting the schedule of RTP 1 and RTP 2 back in Friday, 23th March 1979:

09:15: Ano Propedêutico (back in the those days, we had tv school as well. This segment was for the higher education aka. the highest level of education – university, etc…)

18:30: Sumário (first news of the day (and most probably, summary of the schedule for the channel made by a on-vision continuity person) in 5 minutes. That’s when the regular programing really started in here)

18:35Jardins zoológicos (children program. It seems the most important thing of this show was to either visit zoos or knowing about animal wildlife)

19:05: País, país (regional news. Nowadays, the format has another name called “Portugal em Directo”)

19:25: 10 (Dez) milhões de consumidores (it waspresented by Doctor Beja Santos and directed by Alfredo Tropa)

20:00: Jornal RTP-1 (main news bulletin (who was called Telejornal before the name change in late 1978. It reverted a bit more than a year later to its former name)

20:30: O Astro (brazilian soap opera from Rede Globo, first seen in December 1977 on its own country. The main plot is about a man that works on a charcuterie as a fortune teller (well, pretends to be one) who’d later be the main businessman director of a company led by a rich family (this happens at the same time we have several paralel stories concerning various characters). On that day, we were on the 115th episode)

21:15: Em discussão (aka. Assembleia da República) (debate programme. On that day, there’d be a discussion of the latest updates of the general state and plan budget for the future)

22:20Poldark (historical drama series (based on “The Poldrak Novels”) made by BBC and originally seen between 1975 and 1977 on its own country whose story starts in the late 19th century. Known actors and actresses included Robin Ellis (portraying the main character), Jill Townsend (american born actress who became famous in UK by many series’ main or guest participations, such as Space: 1999) and Judy Geeson (from “To Sir With Love” (1967) fame). On that day, the 4th episode was seen)

23:15: 24 (Vinte e quatro) Horas (late news bulletin with the resume of the news of the day and also the latest news, when needed. After that, it’s closedown)

18:45: Ano Propedêutico (back in the those days, we had tv school as well. This segment was for the higher education aka. the highest level of education – university, etc…)

20:30Temos festa (seems like a program about Portugal and some of its most known attributes. On this day we’d see a documentary subtitled “É do barril e do baril”, when the team of the program asked a bunch of people to gather around for a few days to have feasty lunches and walks. All in all, it’s about wine)

21:00Os cem livros (book programme. On that day, the book in discussion was “La chartreuse de Parme”, written by Marie-Henri Beyle, more known as Stendhal (17831842)

22:00: Informação/2 (Dois) (main news bulletin of the channel, done in a different way than the RTP 1 news bulletin)

22:30: Cine clube (dedicated to cinema. The movie of the day was a dramatic portuguese/english languaged movie called “Ternos caçadores” (1973), directed by Ruy Guerra (born in Mozambique) with such international stars as Sterling Hayden, Susan Strasberg and Stuart Whitman. The story depicts a family of four people living in the sea that finds a escaped prisioner on the shore – from then on, we’d see their acquaintance, as also when there’s going to be the ensuing tragedy. After the movie, it’s closedown)

(sources: Diário de Lisboa and TV Guia (logotypes from the latter)  all rights reserved)

Comparing this schedule to what we now, I’d say it’s more varied and more interesting than what is now (for example, on SIC and TVI, there’s nothing more but soap-operas and talk-shows (and sometimes, reality shows) most of the time. RTP 1‘s schedule is nice, but it could be much better. RTP 2 still is good to watch, but their best is really the children programming. The TV-cable channels we have are now the best alternative)

A final treat for you – the opening of the 19751977 BBC drama series, “Poldark”:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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