Madonna – MDNA (2012)


Madonna is one of the artists I admire the most for her sense of expermenting various music genres throughout the years (I like many of her songs, but sadly I also dislike some of hers), for her outspoken personality, between many other things

Recently I bought Madonna‘s new album (in its deluxe edition), “MDNA”, her first album not be released by Warner Bros. Music (it was released in her new record label, Interscope Records, label that she signed with in late 2011) and therefore, I will give an opinion about all the songs from the album – making this my first kind-of album (and won’t be the last one) review:

01 – Girl gone wild

Her second official single and made and produced together with the Benassi brothers (Madonna herself writes and produces all the songs, together with other artists), it’s a good opener and a song that screams “radio airplay” in it. Both have done better than this in their carrer, though

02 – Gang bang

Between the writers, we have its producer, William Orbit, and also… Mika. It’s suprising that the latter had something to do with Madonna‘s album. Intriguing song with the drums being the centerpiece of the song and a story that flows with it (a woman seeking revenge from her lover). Certainly a interesting highlight

03 – I’m addicted

Again the Benassi brothers made and produced a song in collaboration with the singer on this album. This is better than the opener song of the album: there’s more adrenaline and edge featured in it

04 – Turn up the radio

One of the songs made (together with other writers as well) and produced together with Martin Solveig. Great combination of retro 80’s sound with the modern dance music scene on this one, since it flows in a majestic way. It’s said, by the way, that it’s going to be the third single of the album

05 – Give me all your luvin’ (ft. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.)

Another song the artist made and produced with Solveig, with herself being backed up by rising artist Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. and released as the first single of the album. A ravishly quirky song and certainly another highlight of the album. Don’t really like the rapping in the album, but at least, it isn’t annoying

06 – Some girls

William Orbit strikes again on Madonna‘s album, but with a less powerful song than the first song that had him on the credits, “Gang bang”. The chorus, though, is the strength of the song

07 – Superstar

Together with Indiigo and Michael Malih, they created a rockish dance entry, approach that reminded me of a “Confessions on a dancefloor” song: “I love New York”. This one, though, is a more sunny approach to it, which works well in its favour

08 – I don’t give a (ft. Nicki Minaj)

Once again, Solveig and Nicki Minaj are present in a great entry from this album and one more highlight to the collection. Its ferocious musicality and empowering beat really matches the lyrics and the meaning of the song

09 – I’m a sinner

A retro 60’s and 70’s moment (and also a bit of “Ray of light” (1998) with those guitar chords) combing some modern dance beats from her and William Orbit. Really quirky and addictive, definitively one of the best songs of the album – it really ticks my buttons

10 – Love spent

Like “Some girls”, the chorus is the strength of the song, since it doesn’t quite flow in the begining. And when it flows, it’s quite late

11 – Masterpiece

The first of two non-dance entries in the first CD of the deluxe edition of the album and made (together with one of the same writers of the winning Eurovision Song Contest 2010 entry from Germany, “Satellite”, sung by Lena Mayer-Landrut: Julie Frost, and Jimmy Harry) for a movie she co-wrote and directed (which wasn’t either a box-office and a critical success), “W.E.”, from which she won the Golden Globen for Best Original Song, but wasn’t elegible for the Academy Award for Best Original Song award since it wasn’t used as the first music in the final credits. A beautiful and tender ballad, perhaps her best ballad since a long time

12 – Falling

The other non-dance entry, but a weaker ballad. Still, it’s a nice one and Madonna does her best with it

And now for the deluxe edition tracks:

13 – Beautiful killer

Martin Solveig has once again a powerful song on his rooster with Madonna. Really solid and strong too and the first highlight from the second disc

14 – I f**ked up

This might be, perhaps one of the most average songs from her newest album. Not really a enchanting song, and even the faster beat parts of it don’t seem to pull it through. Really a low point from her and from Solveig (as both have done better songs from this album)

15 – B-Day song (ft. M.I.A.)

The third retro moment of the album, backed up by M.I.A.: quite in a retro 60’s/70’s/80’s music + Phil Spector’s wall-of-sound kind of way, blended in just one song. Another highlight from the album and the second one from the second disc

16 – Best friend

Made together with the Benassi brothers, it’s the second and final average song from the album. The chorus is the only redeeming moment from the song, as its mid-tempo approach doesn’t quite work. At least, not for me

17 – Give me all your luvin’ (Party Rock remix)

Only one thing I have to say to this: altough the remix is nicely done, the original recording is much better


Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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