Superman: The Movie (1978)


It’s not an easy thing to give an opinion of a movie, worse if it’s a movie that started my interest in cinema, when I watched it taped (back in 1987, probably months after I was born) on my grandparents house upstairs with my grandfather. And the poster of the movie is enough witness: “Superman: The Movie” was the very first movie I ever remember to watch (I had 3/4 years old back then)

Released in 1978 and directed by Richard Donner (who had a huge sucess with “The Omen” and in the future would direct “The Goonies” and “Lethal Weapon”), the movie is divided into three acts: the first act being in the planet Krypton, birth home of Kal-El, whose existence would very soon be disappear after its destruction causes by its red sun; the second act being on Earth, in the idilic farm town of Smallville, where Kal-El (the only survivor of the planet Krypton) is adopted and raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent, as well as he’s now called Clark Kent; the third act being in actual time of the movie (between 1977 and 1978, by the time of the movie production), after knowing his true origins in the Fortress of Solitude, located in the Artic. At the same time he’s working on Daily Planet as Clark Kent (and right from the start, he develops a crush on reporter Lois Lane), he’s also… Superman, right from the first night he appeared, rescuing Lois Lane during a helicopter accident in the Daily Planet buliding. From then on, more things happen until the end of the movie

More about the facts and figures of the movie in here:

When I watched the movie for the first time, I was mesmerized by all its production: from the opening  and ending credits (a quite underrated part as it’s not much said about them, visually speaking. A hundred miles modern for those days) to its lavish special effects (completely modern for that time and still is quite fresh to see. And also awarded by the Academy Awards as a Special Achievement Award), from its versimilitude approach story to its powerful music score and from its wonderful cast (and especially Christopher Reeve (R.I.P.) for his undeniable portrayal of Superman/Clark Kent). Years later and I’m still mesmerized by it

Unforgettable movie scenes, in my opinion: the Krypton scenes (totally intense and Shakesperian-like) and the first appearance of Superman (unforgettable moment)

I recently bought the most recent Blu-Ray box of the main “Superman” movies for Christmas, “The Superman Motion Picture Anthology”, and watching the movie with a wonderful video quality and also with the original 1978 mix sound and not with the 2001 remix sound (since there was a manufacturing error in the DVD-box of the Superman movies, released in late 2006. The second english audio choice, which was supposed to be the original 1978 sound mix in 2.0., was in fact the 2001 remix sound all over again) gives it a “larger than life” feeling

All in all, a masterpiece that should be discovered / re-discovered over and over and over…

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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