Rain Boy (Amefuri Kuzou) (1983)


I’ve watched just recently in full this OAV (Original Video Animation) adaptation of the short manga story with the same name, “Amefuri Kuzou” (translated in english as “Rain Boy”) made by legendary “manga” artist, Osamu Tezuka (published back in September 1975 in the comic magazine Monthly Shounen Jump), and just thought of giving my opinion about it

First of all, the synopsis: Mota, a young boy who lives in a village within a mountain, is always bullied by the city boys of the main school he goes to (at the same time he’s also in the branch school of the village where his father, a professor, teaches) due to him being a “mountain boy”. One day, he meets (under the bridge) Rain Boy, a little umbrella ghost that has the ability to bring the rain. The ghost himself repares on Mota‘s rain boots and begs him to have them, telling him he’ll grant three wishes in exchange. From then on, a friendship is estabilished

One day, though, a terrible fire starts to burn Mota‘s house and the former promises, in despair, to give his rain boots to Rain Boy if he makes a heavy rain to put the fire out (thus making it his 3rd and last wish). The ghost keeps his promise and he awaits Mota in the same place they first met, but Mota himself forgets the promise, especially after he and his parents leave the house to live in the city

Only 40 years later, Mota, by now working as the main director of a (what it seems to be) shopping mall, remembers the promise he gave to Rain Boy (who has been waiting for him all that time) and goes straight to the village’s bridge, where he promised to give him the rain boots the ghost wanted

All in all, the main theme of this Osamu Tezuka‘s work is “promises”, in this case, a forgotten promise between a boy and a gentle ghostthat isn’t totally fullfiled until almost too late

In my opinion, I think it’s a very underrated animation work, if not: one of the most underrated animated works by Osamu Tezuka. Despite its minor continuity errors, it’s simply a beautiful, heartfelt and moving story that simply can affect you in a way you don’t expect to

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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