Visão / Expresso – Os nossos anos (2010)


after I talked about the “1001 (…) Before You Die” collection, it’s time for me to talk about another book collection. This time, one made in portuguese and focusing on the last 100 years of both the portuguese and world history – concieved by a weekly news magazine, Visão, and a weekly newspaper, Expresso. It’s called “Os nossos anos” (“Our years”) and was released back in 2010:

Beautifully detailed (despite some minor errors, in my opinion) with a amazing and straight forward colorful layout and a enjoyable trip to the past, every single one of the books (that go from the 1910’s to the 2000’s) have the same amount of pages (98) and have the same chapter ordeal:

Destaque (the main events of the decade in general)
Família (the situation of a family back in the decade)
Crianças (the situation of the children back in the decade)
Sociedade (the society back in the decade)
Moda e Design (the fashion and the design (meaning: houses, etc…) of the decade)
Cultura e Espectáculos (the culture and the mass-media of the decade)
Desporto (the sport events of the decade)
Actualidade (the most important news nationwide and worldwide of the decade)

All in all, another joy to read, since one of things I love most in terms of history is the 20th Century history (I’m finishing my licenciate’s degree in History and I’m always curious about the stuff from the past, no wonder why I love these kind of books)

Eventhough some people might not agree (especially younger persons), the present and the future doesn’t co-exist without the past – the past is the essence for the present and the future

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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