O tal canal (1983-1984)


Before we’d ever had more than 2 channels in the 90’s, we had a revolutionary comedy show that announced itself as the 3rd portuguese channel – “O tal canal”, created by actor and comedian Herman José, who had earlier sucess in the mid 70’s thanks to a famous poltical-mocking sketch with fellow actor Nicolau Breyner, entitled “Sr. Feliz e Sr. Contente” and later in the early 80’s with his participation in the show “O passeio dos alegres”, between 1981 and 1983, playing characters such as the singer who claimed to be “the creator of all the “ró” music” (“creador de toda a música “ró”, as said by the character): Tony Silva and the little boy Nelito

Its first program started on 8th October 1983, transmitted by RTP 1 (just months after his only participation as a singer for the Portuguese ESC NF 1983 (Festival RTP da Canção 1983) with a Tozé Brito and António Pinho penned ballad entry, “A côr do teu batom”, a song that almost won the NF if it wasn’t for Armando Gama‘s “Esta balada que te dou”) and right away, we’d see that the portuguese comedy wouldn’t be same anymore after this

The legendary opening of the show:

A great site page to find out more about the show (in portuguese) can be seen here: http://www.brincabrincando.com/programas.aspx?f=80_recreativos&p=tal%20canal,%20o

A notorious sucess back then (but, of course, not without its detractors), the show lasted for 12 programmes until its end on 7th January 1984. Years later, it’s still considerated as one of the most influential and important TV-shows ever made in Portugal. So much that it was repeated numerous times, was considered the Best Portuguese Program of All-Time in a iniciative made by portuguese newspaper, Diário de Noticias (with the collaboration of the magazine Time Out and a TV-producition factory, Produções Fícticias) and was integrally released on DVD by RTP Videos in November 2008

In my opinion, I believe this is such a landmark in the portuguese television history for its irreverent comedy and for its inventiveness. Some of the programme sketchs are wonderful and even the “commercials” are so funny to watch – the only thing I don’t quite fancy that much from this program, though, is the football sketch entitled “O esférico rolando sobre a erva”, in which the host of the show was the alchool dependant, José Estebes (eventhough it was one of the most remembered characters played by Herman José back then. And still is) – a bit boring for me, in my opinion.

Some of the funniest moments of the show comes from the continuity speaker played by then actress and singer, Helena Isabel: there’s always something happening to her in every one of the 12 programmes. There’s some other funny moments during the entire course of the show, but I can’t enumerate them right now. Overall, a tremendously enjoyable cult program

A final treat – a video example:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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