ABBA – S.O.S. (1975)


one of my favourite artists ever in terms of music – if not, my #1 – are no one, no other than ABBA, one of the greatest best-selling groups ever to exist in the 70’s and the early 80’s. All in all, their music was, in general, full of catchy stuff, as well as deep and meaningfull songs

From all the songs, my favourite of them is, by no doubts, the 3rd single of the their 1975 album, “ABBA”, called “S.O.S.”:

I love everything in it: from the melancolic synthesizing melody to its meaningfull lyrics and also Agnetha‘s blending vocals that really flow with the songs (setting the pace of the song), as well as the unforgettable chorus. Its chart success was totally deserved for such a great song like “S.O.S.”

No wonder why this song has even famous people saying it’s a favourite of there’s: according to Wikipedia, late John Lennon (former Beatles member), Pete Townshend (from The Who) and Ray Davies (from The Kinks) were some of the people who officially said they liked the song so much that became one of their favourite pop songs

As a final treat, here’s a live vocal performance of the group in Musikladen, german music program, in August 1975 (two months after its official single release in Sweden and one month before its worldwide release):

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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