RTP 1 and RTP 2 (12/03/1979)


I usually like retro stuff (even if it’s from a decade I wasn’t born) and one of the decades I like the most in any sense of history, culture, media, etc… is the 1970’s. And without a doubt, 1979 is certainly a blessed year in some way – especially in television terms and that’s why I’ll make a bit of opinion about. Here’s the schedule of RTP 1 and RTP 2 back in Monday, 12th March 1979:

09:15: Ano Propedêutico (back in the those days, we had tv school as well. This segment was for the higher education aka. the highest level of education – university, etc…)

13:25: Ciclo Preparatório TV (the other education segment at the time, this one being for what is known today as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd basic education of school, before secundary education)

18:30: Sumário (first news of the day (and most probably, summary of the schedule for the channel made by a on-vision continuity person) in 5 minutes. That’s when the regular programing really started in here)

18:35: Riscos e histórias (children program. Various shows would be transmitted that day, including the german stopmotion series, “Filopat und Patafil”)

19:05: País, país (regional news. Nowadays, the format has another name called “Portugal em Directo”)

19:25: Desporto e vida (sport program. The presenter was Luís Pereira de Sousa, who became most famous during the 80’s and the 90’s for presenting and also creating various programmes, such as talk shows and game shows)

20:00: Jornal RTP-1 (main news bulletin (who was called Telejornal before the name change in late 1978. It reverted a bit more than a year later to its former name), presented in that day by José Eduardo Moniz, without a doubt one of our most famous journalist presenters and channel directors of all time, especially from the 80’s to now)

20:30: O Astro (brazilian soap opera from Rede Globo, first seen in December 1977 on its own country. The main plot is about a man that works on a charcuterie as a fortune teller (well, pretends to be one) who’d later be the main businessman director of a company led by a rich family (this happens at the same time we have several paralel stories concerning various characters). On that day, we were on the 106th episode)

21:15: 10 (Dez) milhões de consumidores (it was presented by Doctor Beja Santos and directed by Alfredo Tropa. Supposedly, another programme was to be shown – the documentary “Os anos do século”. But RTP decided to suspend the series without exhibiting the last episode, considerated by them as a programme that was too alienated and too agressive for the viewers)

22:10: O planeta dos homens (brazilian comedy show from Rede Globo that started in 1976 and ended in 1982, original run in its own country. The show was a big sucess in Portugal as well and put Jô Soares (already a veteran comedian back then) on the portuguese map for its irreverent comedy and also for its unforgettable opening)

23:10: 24 (Vinte e quatro) Horas (late news bulletin with the resume of the news of the day and also the latest news, when needed. After that, it’s closedown)

18:45: Ano Propedêutico (back in the those days, we had tv school as well. This segment was for the higher education aka. the highest level of education – university, etc…)

20:32: 7 (Sete) dias na semana (a taste of what was to come in the programming of RTP 1 and RTP 2 in the upcoming week + cultural references and debuts of the week in terms of literature, cinema, theatre, etc…)

21:00: Som da música (music programme. On that day, a musical recital by spanish instrumentalist, Pere Tàpias, was seen)

22:00: Informação/2 (Dois) (main news bulletin of the channel, done in a different way than the RTP 1 news bulletin. That day, it was presented by José Judice and Luís Pinto Enes – the former being a fresh face to the television medium at the time)

22:30: A memória da justiça (international documentary (the original title is “Memory of Justice”) about World War II and its causes and effects. After the documentary, it’s closedown)

(sources: Diário de Lisboa and TV Guia – all rights reserved)

In my opinion, I believe – even in my childhood – the TV schedule of yesterday was quite better than nowadays. Everything of it seems so rich and interesting in it that makes me feel nostalgic and curious in a way (I’m in the university studying (and I like very much) History, probably that’s why my interest in the history of television)

A final treat – the openings of the brazilian soap-opera “O astro” and the brazilian comedy show “O planeta dos homens”, both from Rede Globo:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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