Digimon Xros Wars (2010-2012)


Since last weekend, “Digimon Xros Wars” and all its seasons are now over – for good. Everything started on 6th July 2010, with a first episode that depicted the story of Taiki Kudou and the way how he got to meet his future Digimon partner, Shoutmon

From then on, they (together with Akari, Zenjirou and other Digimon allies, at the same time that they also know the rivals Nene and Kiriha), many adventures would wait for them in order to defeat the Bagra Empire/Army, that wants to conquer the Digi-World

The second season brought a pivotal change that would remain until the overall end of the series: the time schedule – before on Tuesday in the afternoon slot, japanese time – was now on Sunday in a morning slot. The story itself starts where it started – to the normal world. Taiki and Shoutmon learn that the Bagra Empire/Army has taken over the Digi-World, by forming seven kingdoms, each ruled by a general. Nene and Kiriha, once rivals, will join them in the ultimate fight that ends in the normal world.

A kind of subplot concerns Nene‘s younger brother, Yuu, who was enticed by DarkKnightmon, making him believe the Digi-World is just a game (in the last few episodes, he learns the truth in the hard way, after seeing Danemon dying in front of him)

The third and last season turns the table around: a year after the last events, everything starts with Taiki, Yuu and a new character, Tagiru, playing (street) basketball with another team (the name of Taiki‘s team is the same as back in the other two seasons, Xros Heart). The main plot revolves on a secret place between the real and the digital world, the Digi-Quartz (a place where Digimon can be catched and the same place where the future rival team, Ryouma (who becomes a important rival character, especially in the last few episodes), Ren and Airu, was already in). In there, Tagiru meets Gumdramon, who escaped from the digital world to become stronger (at first, he tries to use and control Tagiru for that effect. But became real soulmate friends during the fight against MetalTyranmon). From that moment on, Taiki, Yuu and Tagiru would be involved in many adventures and situations concerning Digimon and Digi-Quartz

This last season is noticable for the fact that in the last few episodes, the 5 main protagonists from the previous Digimon series (Taichi from Adventure, Daisuke from Adventure 02, Takato from Tamers, Takuya from Frontier and Masaru from Savers) appeared together for the first time in a single Digimon anime series. But it wasn’t just them – some other characters from the mentioned series also appeared

The three openings of the series:

After 79 episodes, I regard this series as one of the most enjoyable Digimon series since Digimon Tamers (still my #1 Digimon series of all time so far). A quite nice number of attaching characters with some character development, a talentfull voice casting (special attention to veteran Chika Sakamoto  (who also did the voice of Agumon in Adventure and Adventure 02) for her portayal of Shoutmon, as well as Kumiko Watanabe (of Keroro Gunso and Inuyasha fame) voicing Gumdramon brilliantly), a nice visual animation – most of the time – for the series’ standard, a good music score and a enticing and interesting story. Kudos to the inclusion of the 5 main characters from the previous 5 Digimon series – great final note to end the Xros Wars series

It’s not without flaws: the animation on the 2nd season sometimes became like we were seeing two different shows, while on the 3rd season, 4 of its 25 episodes had a completely different (and poorly done) animation compared with the rest. And also concerning the 2nd season, the story seemed to drag on too endlessly – eventhough there were a few great episodes

Overall, as I said before, a really interesting Digimon series (despite many anime fans’ opinion regarding this and especially regarding the last season, for being too “Monster of the week”-ish plot most of the time). Only time will tell now if there will be another Digimon series sometime soon 😉

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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  1. Yay! Digimon! 😀
    Honestly I have been taking a break from that series somewhere at episode 64 I believe Dx Will probably take it back soon.

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