ESC 2012: My top-10 as of 23/03/2012…


on my birthday, I’d like to reveal my reveal my top-10 of the Eurovision Song Contest (a contest which I’m a big fan of) 2012 (it can change after I recieve my copy of the ESC 2012 Official CD and after I see all the performances live)

01: Italy – Nina Zilli – L’amore è femmina (Out of love)

02Sweden Loreen – Euphoria

03Portugal – Filipa Sousa – Vida minha

04: Estonia – Ott Lepland – Kuula

05: France – Anggun – Echo (You and I)

06: Israel – Izabo – Time

07: Spain – Pastora Soler – Quédate conmigo

08: Lithuania – Donny Montell – Love is blind

09: Russia – Buranovskiye Babushki – Party for everybody

10Azerbaijan – Səbinə Babayeva – When the music dies

All wonderful songs in my opinion in a also great and diverse ESC edition overall this year. Although I don’t think Portugal will make it to the final, I sincerly hope there’s a miracle and I see my country in a final again after the 2008-2010 era (despite all odds that aren’t usually favourable for us)

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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